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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Purchase College's Soul Voices Choir: Camille Wallace solo

Here is a video from our recent performance at the Newberger Museum of Art here on campus. The song, "I Know I've Been Changed," is, in my opinion, our strongest song. It is a powerfully moving song, emitting a sense of strength and knowledge of a "higher power" through it's emotive, minor chord composition.

The Rhetoric of Reggae Music: Interesting Website!

Wa gwaaan -- I just wanted to share this pretty cool website I came across. It is called "The Rhetoric of Reggae Music," and actually seems to be a web page from a class taught at the University of Vermont back in 2004. I would have loved to have taken this class; the subject matter focused on exploring the " origins, characteristics, social phenomena, and messages to be found in an African-Caribbean musical form known as reggae music," as well as Reggae around the world. The site has links to related Reggae resources as well as Suggested Readings, which I will certainly be picking out a few from in the near future. What a cool class though! I've used this website as a resource for myself before, fulfilling my curiosity about historical aspects of Reggae music.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Distant Relatives: New Damian Marley and Nas album (2010)

The new Nas and Damian Marley album should be celebrated, yet, listened to in full. There are many powerful tracks, such as; "Land of Promise", which samples Dennis Brown's 'Promised Land', "Dispear", where Damian rattles off various Mansions,or "branches" of the Rastafari movement, as well as "Patience", perhaps my favorite song on the album, which features a high-range vocal line that wails "Sabali" over and over, meaning "patience."

To speak more of the track "Patience", the lyrics are incredible. Damian begins saying, "Some of the smartest dummies can't read the language of Egyptian mummies." I mean, right there he has got the listener hooked and engaged. Hearing this line first, I am sure a lot of listeners in their heads are saying, "Wow. . . that's right!" I could write so much more about the words in this song, but, I will leave that up to whome ever is reading this to discover for themselves. To make a brief comment on the beat; it is reminiscent of Dubstep kind of compilation of sounds. The drop of the snare drum and ticking high-hat hits follow similar patterns to many Dubstep songs I have heard. What a fitting sound; minimal, great synth sounds in the background, and an overall feeling of darkness, yet, a light and lively feeling is emitted from the vocal line "Sabali."

Other tracks that really caught my ear were, "Dispear," "As We Enter," "Strong Will Continue," and "Friends." These tracks have incredible instrumentals and superb verses, especially from Damian Marley. The track "Count Your Blessings" is very applicable to the social times of this day. An excerpt of lyrics includes these statements, "

I've got love and assurance
I've got new health insurance
And I've got strength and endurance
So I count my blessings

And give thanks to the master
That through all the disaster
We're still here together after
Better count your blessings

I've joy in abundance
I've got life full of substance
I've got meetings and functions
So I count my blessings

I've got something to live for
I've got surplus to give more
And we're all welcome through His door
So I count my blessings

"Count Your Blessings" is a great "feel good" track with such honesty and truth within its lyrics. In my humble opinion, Damian Marley blows Nas out of the water with his rhythmic flow and subject matter he chooses to offer to us, listeners.

Nevertheless, this album and HIGHLEY RECOMMENDED.
Amazon carries it, go figure : )

Distant Relatives: Nas and Damian Marley

Credit: Mansions of Rastafari, Lyrics

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Open Mic Performance at the Stood, Oct. 6th, 2010

Here is video footage from my open mic performance at the Student Center featuring August Berger on the harmonica. This is my original song, "The Bridge."

and here is another video of my original song,"I've Got a Feeling."

We are performing again at the next open mic. Stay tuned for footage.

Also, I am trying out a drummer this week, a friend of a friend's named Ritchie. I feel it will be a cohesive session : )

Preview of my Senior Project, more details to come. : 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Two Twins Show Footage

Here is the video of my performance on PTV's Two Twins Show on 9/27/10. My own original song, "Rose Petals".