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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Rhetoric of Reggae Music: Interesting Website!

Wa gwaaan -- I just wanted to share this pretty cool website I came across. It is called "The Rhetoric of Reggae Music," and actually seems to be a web page from a class taught at the University of Vermont back in 2004. I would have loved to have taken this class; the subject matter focused on exploring the " origins, characteristics, social phenomena, and messages to be found in an African-Caribbean musical form known as reggae music," as well as Reggae around the world. The site has links to related Reggae resources as well as Suggested Readings, which I will certainly be picking out a few from in the near future. What a cool class though! I've used this website as a resource for myself before, fulfilling my curiosity about historical aspects of Reggae music.


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  1. Marcus Garvey and Haile Sellasie, leaders on a macropolitical stage which gave heart and life to the Infrapolitics which would fuel the message of rasta adn reggae to an international audience... Lets play "Redemmtion song" in Iraq